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Hebrews 13:8

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

What We Believe

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The Foursquare Church promotes unity in essentials, liberty in non-essentials and charity in all things.

Where We Are Going

York Springs Foursquare Gospel Church is a church on the move.

We believe the core of who we are is news, not a building, not a program, not an event. We are a group of people who believe in spreading the news. The news that Jesus transforms lives for eternity is the greatest news in the history of the world. Good news is meant to spread.

Because of this, we don’t quit. We serve and reach our community at all times, especially hard times. Our church stays open during shutdowns because we believe these are the most important times to remain open to serve others. We feed the hungry every Saturday at 10AM because we believe Jesus is still alive, and still feeding the crowds. He uses us to do it!

On Sundays we worship together and teach the Bible word for word because we believe it is relevant right now. It is a living book that has important things to say to us, especially in times of uncertainty.

The church exists because of Jesus, who lives forever, so we plan to remain open forever, until he comes back. We believe that worship, Bible teaching, prayer and a community of people who care about each other’s needs are the most essential things in the world.

Our church may be the right place for you. If you want to hear from God and participate in what he is doing in this community, you will love what we do here. We believe in knowing each other’s names, caring and checking in with each other, and visiting throughout the week. We believe in meeting practical needs for one another and for the community, and we believe in reaching the entire world for God’s glory.

You are always welcome here. Bring a Bible and a friend!

If you don’t have them, you will have both when you leave!

About Us/ History

York Springs Foursquare Gospel Church started in September 2014 as a daughter church of Gettysburg Foursquare Church. We held our first service in a large tent, and spent two years holding services at the York Springs Fire Co., the York Springs Lions Club, Roccos Pizza, and the former Mary Jane's Roller skating rink. In the summer of 2016 we moved into our new and permanent home at 400 Main St., York Springs. This building was previously the York Springs Elementary School, and the Whispering Pines nursing home.

The Foursquare Church is an Evangelical Protestant denomination that was founded nearly a hundred years ago and is part of the Pentecostal movement. There are thousands of Foursquare Churches around the United States and nearly 70,000 worldwide.  The Foursquare Church believes that Jesus Christ is the Savior, Baptizer, Healer and Soon-Coming King.

Tyler Weidler, Pastor

Tyler Weidler was a Pastor at Gettysburg Foursquare Church and felt a called by God to start a new church in York Springs. The purpose of York Springs Foursquare Church is to worship God by building friendships in the community, starting new churches in the region and staying faithful to teaching the Bible.

Pastor Tyler is an Adams County native, born and raised in the Bermudian Springs’ School District, and a 1999 graduate of Bermudian Springs High School. He and his wife Jennifer live in York Springs where they are raising their 3 children.

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