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Hi Church, I want to give you a snapshot of where I see our church going during this time of crisis.

God is at work of course, but disease, fear, and chaos are also at work. We need to be praying constantly, more than ever, and going on offense, not playing defense.

  • Check with your neighbors and fellow church members and see what they need, and see what you may have extra

  • Pray for our policy leaders, your manager at work, and for me. None of us have ever made decisions at times like this. I need prayer.

  • Lets be examples to the world of what it means to love others. When others are fearful and hoarding, we can be rejoicing and generous. When others are complaining we can be giving thanks. What satan intends as an obstacle can be our greatest platform.

  • Dig deeply into prayer. Pray for the disease to stop, pray for the fear to stop, and pray for God's kingdom to expand during this time.

Above all, pray. I believe very big things are in store, and God will use this crisis to make his name known. I will be in touch again tomorrow with clear direction on what to expect going forwards.

Here is a short mini-sermon (Title:  Big things are Happening, do not fear) that I hope you can watch.

God bless!
Pastor Tyler