As of March 2020, due to Covid19 we have been doing LiveStreams  on Christian World Media, Facebook, and YouTubeYou can view them live (9am Sundays) on any of these platforms, or past streams on Facebook, YouTube, and here on our website.

You can listen to or download mp3 format audio files of past sermons here by selecting the link below.  As of January 2020, new sermon audio will only be added to our PodBean podcast under 'York Springs Foursquare'.  You can use the link to PodBean and follow us there or use the embedded version on this website here.  For now, older sermons will still be located on this website.


Until we have a camera and related technology to record video, we are creating mini videos (without sound) of the PowerPoint slides on this site with about 3 seconds per slide timing.  You can pause and play the video when listening to the audio via another tab or Podcast. 

(Note:  Sometimes the presenter doesn't always follow the submitted order of slides or cover all of them.)

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Audio mp3 format sermons

PowerPoint videos 3 second timing per slide

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