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What is SOAP?

SOAP -J is a method of reading the Bible for personal devotions. This is the method we teach in church and use in our Bible Reading Groups.

SOAP-J is an acronym which stands for

S: Scripture

O: Observation

A: Application

P: Prayer

J: Jesus

When you read the Bible you are doing S, for scripture. However the Bible is more than a book. It is a book that is meant to be applied and studied. This brings us to O, which is for Observation. We don't just read the Bible. We pay attention to it. If the Bible is truly the word of God then it is worth paying close attention to it.

After reading carefully the next step is A, for application. The Bible is meant to be applied into your day to day life, not just read and studied. P is for prayer. Studying the Bible and applying it into life should bring us directly to prayer. It may lead to to a prayer of thanks, or asking for help, or confession of sin, or humility or worship. But it will always lead to prayer.

J is for Jesus. The entire Bible is meant to teach us something about Jesus. Every part of it points to him in one way or another. Your Bible reading time is incomplete if you have not spent time with Jesus.

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