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The LORD Who Sanctifies - Leviticus 22

Scripture - Leviticus 22:1-9

The LORD spoke to Moses, saying, speak to Aaron and his sons... so that they do not profane my holy name: I am the LORD."

Observation -

In this section God is speaking to the priests of Israel, Aaron and his sons. They are the ones who will speak for God, and who will approach God on behalf of the people. How the priests behave, what they do, and don't do, are of utmost importance. This section shows the high standards God has for his representatives.


I am supposed to be a priest. Through Jesus I have direct access to God, and through Jesus I am a representative of God to everyone I meet. In addition I am a pastor, so the standard is higher. Am I living by God's standards? Am I living the way he wants me to? Am I leading from my deeply rooted relationship with God or am I just going through motions?


God I thank you for your forgiveness. My failures and my sin are covered by the sacrifice of your son. Make me into the man you want me to be, who lives by your standards. I want to be your representative to those around me. I want to be faithful to you and honor you in everything.


Jesus is the only perfect priest. He is the only one who never once fell below God's standards. He is the only one who can fully represent God on earth and never fail, even a little bit.

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